Have you ever took inventory of your household products and to see what ingredients are in them? Well, they are some household products that we use everyday that are absolutely friendly to our environment. Take a look at lemon juice that is sold in a bottle, it can be used as cleaning agent. Many people have used the product for detergent purpose, anti- bacterial solution and even for air freshners. Another item that is used a lot is vinager. When I heard that vinager is used widely for household cleaning solution that is eco-friendly, I was shock because the amount of purpose the solution it have and it safe for the most environmental conscious person. Products that are design to be eco- friendly are bleach that have no dye forms. Peroxide is another bleach form that can be used instead of the regular bleach. The benefits of using peroxide it won’t clog or produce harmful chemical waste back into the environment. Even laundry detergent are using me natural form ingredients to help protect the environment from chemical waste being dispose. They are many products In our homes we can alternative to the regular traditional products that cause damage to our environment.